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    Garden Growing Strong in 2012

    by Sakina Bush
    Have you seen the Senior Kitchen Garden at Redwood Coast Senior Center? You might have missed it tucked away in the northwest corner of the garden behind the ornamental plantings and the pond. Chef Sal graciously allowed Linda Lietner and Sakina Bush to take over his garden plot when they told him they wanted to grow fresh organic greens for the salad bar and veggies for the kitchen. The current Senior Kitchen Garden has doubed in size since it was started in the Spring of 2009 and continues to grow.

    In addition to harvesting from the garden at the senior center, Linda brings in veggies from her home garden, from the Jughandle Kitchen Garden, and occassionally from the Learning Garden at Fort Bragg High School. Last summer she started gleaning produce from the Mendocino Farmer's market and Sakina from the Fort Bragg market. Several other gardeners also shared their abundnace with Sal. Altogether more then 2,600 pounds of fresh, local, organic produce came into the Redwood Coast Senior Center kitchen in 2011.

    Are you a gardener? Would you like to grow something for the kitchen this year? Starting this Spring the Senior Kitchen Garden crew invites you to be a garden partner. Garden partners can share seeds and vegetable starts, receive a monthly email with gardening information, and can help each other with harvesting and produce pick-up. If you would like to be a garden partner or would like some help getting started in your garden, look for the sign up sheet on the wall near the office or email
    490 North Harold Street, Fort Bragg, California 95437 : 707.964.0443