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    California Senior Legislature Session Day 3

    by Charles Bush

    Starting to feel like an old hand at this - I know where the rooms are, and which elevators to use.

    Spent the morning in the Assembly Chambers hearing all the bills that were reported out of committees, and voting on each one. Really understood how much of the actual work is done in committee - the actual voting process is mostly a formality. If the committee work is done well, most of the disagreements have already been worked out, the the outcome is pretty much settled. Certainly gives me some insight into how the real process works, and why committee assignments are so important.

    There was some interesting legislation passed encouraging the restoration of cuts to Day Care Programs, and In Home Caregiver Funding. Certainly will need a new Governor for that to happen - plus some new money - looks like we'll get the former, but probably not the latter.

    Interesting debate in my committee on a bill calling on the federal Congress to seriously address the future problems in fully funding Social Security and Medicare. No particularly clever ideas offered, and clear difference of opinions about how to proceed. Changing benefits levels, changing retirement age, increasing tax rates, and eliminating ceiling on earnings taxed were all discussed. We ended up just proposing that the Congress solve the problem, because we couldn't agree on the method. I voted against the bill - seemed like if we couldn't express a preference for how, it was better to just stay out and leave it to the Feds! I managed to get a number of others to join in that position, but we ultimately lost.

    Sal's food is considerably better than what they serve in the basement dining room at the Capital, and better than the banquet food at the hosting Holiday Inn Convention Center.

    Tomorrow we select the top ten legislative proposals - which will then get the most lobbying effort over the next year. That should be an interesting debate.

    Charles (signature)

    Charles Bush
    Senior Senator

    490 North Harold Street, Fort Bragg, California 95437 : 707.964.0443